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I have no "Exchange over the Internet" section

When attempting to configure Outlook for RPC over HTTP, you may find that there is no "Exchange over the Internet" section displayed on the Connection tab.

First, double-check that you meet the minimum requirements for setting up RPC over HTTP:

  • You must be using Windows XP or newer. XP Service Pack 2 (SP2) is strongly recommended, or at least SP1 plus Microsoft hotfix Q331320.
  • You must be using Outlook 2003 or newer. Office SP2 is recommended.

If you meet those requirements, but "Exchange over the Internet" is still not displayed on the Connection tab, then there may be a registry setting blocking that configuration. This is easily solved by downloading and executing a registry file available here:

(With Internet Explorer, after you click this button, you may choose to Run the file, or to Save it to disk; if you save it, you'll need to double-click the saved file afterward.)
(With FireFox/Mozilla/Netscape, after you click this button, you should choose to Save it to disk, and then double-click the saved file.)

I get some "MAPI" errors when I try to access other people's Exchange calendars

This can sometimes happen if a mail program other than Outlook (e.g. Eudora) is made to be your default mail program in Windows. For Outlook to work properly with Exchange, it should be your default mail program.

To fix this, open the Internet Options control panel; click the Programs tab; and choose Outlook under the E-mail setting. Click OK.


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