Computer User Support Group

Computer User Support Group

  Behind the Scenes

In support of our contracted systems, CUSG operates and maintains a number of services behind the scenes.


For all our supported Workstation and Server systems, we make a twice-daily ping check, to see if the system is online; this can help us notice problems before they are even reported. For systems on a Server support contract, we monitor their status using Xymon monitoring software. We are alerted quickly whenever there is a problem with monitored services or systems.

Unix Support

We have customized code to facilitate network installations of Solaris and Linux. For Solaris, we maintain a "Jumpstart Server" with Solaris 10 images, and numerous scripts to aid in setting up a fully-patched Sun for our environment. For Linux, we have prepared "Kickstart" installations for RedHat and CentOS.

Our linux machines are kept up-to-date with patching through the use of yum-updatesd. Our Solaris machines get periodic installations of Sun's Recommended & Security patch clusters. And all of our unix/linux machines get special attention in the event of critical security patches. We also configure them to run CUSG-customized scripts every hour, which enable them to pull down configuration updates. Finally, we set up our Solaris and Linux machines to centrally syslog to one of CUSG's own servers, and we routinely monitor the logged messages.

Windows Support

We make use of IDSG's Windows Deployment Service when possible, to allow network installation. Once a machine becomes a member of the CUSG Organizational Unit (OU) in the EECS Active Directory, our group policies can help automatically install some standard software, as well as important system configuration.

To keep our Windows clients securely patched, we use Windows Server Update Services by Microsoft.


Computer User Support Group
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Voice: (510) 642-7777, FAX: (510) 642-2916

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