Computer User Support Group

Computer User Support Group

  Overview and Charges for FY23-24

Workstation Support – System Management and User Support Contracts

Windows Workstation:  Windows Contract description
Unix Workstation:  Unix Contract description

This contract covers one user and one machine, running a supported version of Windows, OSX, or Unix. It includes assistance with purchase, installation (software and hardware), arranging for network connection, and integration into EECS computing infrastructure. Supported PC applications include: Adobe Acrobat Reader, Chrome, Firefox, Thunderbird, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Office, PuttySSH.

      Charge: $940/year billed yearly when the contract begins.

Server Support – System Management and User Support Contracts

This contract covers all of the above, plus support for a variety of network services, such as web server, mail server, or license server. Group compute servers would fall into this category. These machines are also monitored more closely using automated monitoring tools which notify us by email and SMS when critical services are down or otherwise impacted. Server machines receive the highest priority of service.

      Charge: $2800/year billed yearly when the contract begins.

Virtual Server Support – System Management and User Support Contracts

Our newest support option is just like our traditional Server Support above, but avoids typical hardware problems by being hosted on a Virtual Server, such as in the campus Virtual Private Server (VPS) cloud. Future offerings may include EECS-hosted virtual servers. Costs for a VPS vary, based on RAM/processors/disk needs, but your overall cost for the VPS plus our support is likely to be less than the cost of Server Support for a physical machine.

      Charge: $1880/year billed yearly when the contract begins.

Network Printer Support – System Management Contracts

Network Printer:  Contract description

This contract covers installation and setup of a printer on the network (rather than attached directly to a PC); network protocols are tuned to comply with campus policy; a central printspool is made available on print.eecs; and the printer is monitored to ensure it remains online.

      Charge: $156/year billed yearly when the contract begins.

Time and Materials Service

Both hardware and software support are available on a "time and materials" basis. This means you will be charged an hourly rate plus any materials fees. To request help, please fill out our job-request form.

Note that our emphasis is on contract services. Jobs submitted on a time-and-materials basis have the lowest priority and will only be serviced when there are no outstanding requests for contract services. No guarantees are made about response time for T&M requests.

      Charge: $100.00/hr for normal requests (billed in 30 minute increments, 30 minutes minimum), plus cost of materials, billed monthly.


Computer User Support Group
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