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  Full Support Contract - Network Printer

July 1, 2023 - June 30, 2024

1. Contract Terms

Cost for FY23-24: $156/year

The duration of the contract is 1 year, and the contract period runs from July 1 through June 30. A contract cannot be cancelled earlier unless the printer is permanently retired from service. A contract can be transferred to a new machine if the old machine is permanently retired (CUSG reserves the right to charge the setup costs for the new machine separately, but this is done only in unusual circumstances). Contract costs are pro-rated to start from or end after the current month in the event of a sign-up or retirement in mid-term.

Billing is done once a year at the beginning of the contract term.

2. What is a "Network Printer"?

A network printer is a printer with a network interface that is connected to the EECS production network. The network interface may be internal, or external (as with HP JetDirect print servers). As with any device on the network, it is subject to UC Berkeley's Minimum Security Standards for Networked Devices. In particular, network printers need to have insecure protocols (e.g. telnet) disabled when possible.

3. What is covered?

The following services are provided as part of the service contract:

  • Setup and installation of the printer and configuration to work on our network.
  • CUSG will arrange for a printspool on print.eecs.
  • CUSG will be the EECS technical point of contact for the printer.
  • Online status will be regularly monitored; offline printers will be investigated.
  • Firmware updates from the vendor will be installed as needed to fix security issues or other problems.
  • If the system is under manufacturer's warranty, CUSG can coordinate hardware repair issues with the manufacturer. For systems not covered under manufacturer's warranty, CUSG will provide up to one half hour of time to coordinate alternative hardware repair; such repair will be at owner's expense.

4. Policies, Limitations and Exclusions:

Acceptance of the contract by CUSG is contingent upon the machine meeting certain minimum requirements. CUSG may require that the system be upgraded (e.g. additional RAM or disk space added) or that the firmware be updated before accepting the machine on contract. CUSG can perform these services, but on a "time and materials" basis. CUSG reserves the right to refuse a new printer contract if it is judged that adequate support cannot be provided, for either technical or logistical reasons.

These are typical services that are not covered by this agreement, but may be available from CUSG through other contracts or billed on a time-and-materials basis:

  • The installation of printer drivers on machines that will be used to send print jobs to the printer.
  • Changes made to a printer by the owner or user, without agreement by CUSG, that cause printing service to fail. This might include the addition or removal of hardware or the modification of printer or printspool configuration.
  • Support is for the printer as a networked device; CUSG does not provide hardware support such as handling paper jams, changing ink, adding paper, etc.

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